League of Legends

Young talent, with a mixture of experience, drive, motivation and hunger. They are some of the most focused and dedicated people we have ever worked with and definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Name: Mickey
Alias: Little Kop
Position: Top
Name: Xavier
Alias: Boss
Position: Jungle
Name: Takahiro
Alias: Taka
Position: Mid
Name: Oren
Alias: Oza64
Position: ADC
Name: Sebastion
Alias: Dragon
Position: Support


The newest additions to our female CSGO roster have shown both in and out of game their ability to learn and grow as a team and individually. These women possess a high skill ceiling and an unparalleled professionalism in the scene. It is our hope that this roster can influence other females to band together and buck the male domination in the Oceanic CS community, whilst also showing everyone what they can achieve as a cohesive unit.

Name: Lauren
Alias: Laydee Lozza
Age: -
Position: IGL
Name: Katherine
Alias: Trilly
Age: -
Position: Rifler
Name: Jordyn
Alias: Jordyn
Age: -
Position: Clutch
Name: Dee
Alias: sunrice angel
Age: -
Position: Entry
Name: Ally
Alias: anomally_xx
Age: -
Position: Support


Name: Joshuah
Alias: Demize
Age: 23
Position: Captain
Name: Lachlan
Alias: Lachie
Age: 22
Position: Support
Name: Jeremy
Alias: MinDosA
Age: 22
Position: IGL
Name: Miguel
Alias: 2hopp
Age: -
Position: Power Fragger
Name: Phil
Alias: Philskee
Age: 22
Position: Biobomb Expert


These are the magnificent people who help produce content for Corvidae. From graphics to interviews, we would not be able to do what we do without them.

Name: Daniella
Alias: Divane
Age: 21
Position: Streamer
Name: Kirsten
Alias: Noogz
Age: -
Position: Graphics
Name: Ally
Alias: Anomally
Age: -
Position: Streamer
Name: Rae
Alias: Raejay
Age: 21
Position: Streamer
Name: Shaun
Alias: Laxin
Age: 20
Position: Video Editor


The backbone to the brand. Corvidae is what it is due to the hard work and dedication from these people.

Name: Nathan Joseph
Alias: Dabura
Age: 24
Position: Owner
Name: Sam Neale
Alias: KataVACE
Age: 18
Position: Manager
Name: Keshia Kimber
Alias: Loststardust
Age: 24
Position: LoL Manager