About Us

We are an Oceania based gaming organization, aimed at developing a sustainable platform for esport talent to showcase their abilities. We have established a name for ourselves in the region as a respectable, reputable and approachable organization. A huge role in achieving this is our unrivalled community interaction and dedication, we are very much the people’s organization and endeavour to reach the top whilst bringing the bottom up with us. Our meticulous approach to everyday tasks and operation of the organization is what we believe sets us apart from our competitors.

Gratisfaction, INS, Alistair, Erkast, Lucky (coach), Steej.

Gratisfaction, INS, Alistair, Erkast, Lucky (coach), Steej.

Pictured above is the first iteration of Corvidae’s top-level competitive CS:GO roster. It was completely comprised of players who had never competed at top level Counter Strike in the Oceanic region. This line-up was nurtured from relative unknowns to a team that was mentioned as top 5 quality. The team was a perfect example of the culture at Corvidae and we strive for future line-ups to be acquired or created in the same manner.

With eyes to the future, Corvidae looks to find professionals inside and outside the game to represent our brand. We aspire to influence our ideals of loyalty, commitment, practice and professionalism on all our talent & staff members.

It is the belief here at Corvidae that a continuation of our planning, implementation, and self-review business structure will maintain Corvidae’s incredible growth since the 1st of January, 2016.