Hello caller

Do you like the crazy hair/crazy stream combo?

Then you gotta check this guy out!

Currently bouncing around the Twitch ANZ front page on the “Grassroots” program, his streaming style can only be described as “Um what?”

Blink and you’ll miss all the shapes he’s pulling on stream, from crazy colours to ridiculous scenes and sounds.

‘I started streaming because my soundcloud was turning to trash. My soundcloud is still trash. Please follow me on soundcloud.’ – TR33BORN

He plays everything from GTA RP to a heap of community driven games.

“I found TR33BORN’s stream by complete accident, being super interested how people manipulate their streaming software to get the required results, after some back and forth over different techniques, I thought he would be a perfect fit for Corvidae, like always, I was right. ” – Aaron ‘Rowey’ Rowe

Join us in welcoming TR33BORN and follow him on his socials!