A new Hero arrives!

Welcome MikamiHero

Corvidae is excited to have Mikami on board as a content creator and a great brand ambassador. He brings his talents of speedrunning and streaming to the murder in hopefully a move that we can continue to nurture for years to come.

I am really excited to be joining a sponsor that not only is keen to branch out to other facets of gaming like speedrunning, but also truly values nurturing home-grown talent right here in Australia.

I wanted to link up with an esports brand because I’ve seen the potential speedrunning has an alternative form of community-based gaming that also has a competitive component to it. By exposing that front of gaming alongside an esports brand I believed would be a mutually beneficial exchange. Not to mention the team is right here in Australia so home is where the heart is. – MikamiHero

Mikami is quite an incredible talent, even outside of gaming. He is a software developer, with a PhD in Mathematics (WOW), a streamer, an avid enthusiast of badminton, tennis and swimming, and such an incredibly down to earth person who somehow manages to fit all of this into his daily schedules (maybe that’s why he speedruns his games). He truly is a Hero!

I am very happy to have Mikami on board. First knowing him as a streamer, he quickly became a friend. On of the best people I know.Kirby

Mikami not only brings a new perspective on esports, but also brings a massive amount of motivation and positive vibes. Speedrunning is often the forgotten child of esports which we hope to change, with the help of MikamiHero of course!

I have always had an interest in speedrunning, particularly Portal. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the first speedrunner I would ever meet, MikamiHero, thanks to Kirby. We met at SpawnPoint Bar and he was such a wonderful person to hang out with and speak to. Luckily enough for us, he had an interest in working together which I jumped all over. I am incredibly humbled and honored to have Mikami working alongside us. Nathan ‘Dabura’ Joseph

You can catch him at PAX Melbourne! Details below;

GenerOZity at 1pm – a charity event where he will be speedrunning Ocarina of Time, Ganonless. ETA: 1 hour
The Australian Speedrun Marathon run for PAX at 3:20pm –  Speedrunning Ocarina of Time reverse dungeon order. ETA: 2 hours

Streaming from the Twitch partner streaming booth at 10am. ETA: 2 hours