Joshiie ready to Murder!

We are excited to announce the new addition to the Corvidae PUBG roster in the form of Joshiie.

Joshiie has been around the block, competing in multiple titles and has spent the majority of his professional career under the Tainted Minds brand. Joshiie is no stranger to the big stage, having played in the qualifier for PGi Berlin and also competing at PGL Romania.bca859586d6baf62f5fb240b84b8daa1

Why did you join Corvidae?

I made the move to approach Corvidae because I’ve know the PUBG boys for some time and it felt like the right move for me personally if they were happy to have me. I’m ecstatic to be accepted and play under Corvidae and see what we can achieve.

How do you feel about the change after being with Tainted Minds for so long, through multiple titles?

I think change is always good, although it may take time for us to get on our feet with having a new play style thrown into the team, I believe we will be a strong well rounded team.

What are you bringing to the team?

I shall be trying to help as much as I can from everything I’ve learnt from international experience and too Australian league experience in whatever way the team see’s fit.

Joshie has been one of the boys for a while now, hanging out at IEM Sydney 2017 and having one of the greatest times I’ve had in esports to date. We have been close friends since and although he has a big block head and looks completely ridiculous, I love the bloke and I am happy to finally have him on board! – Nathan ‘Dabura’ Joseph


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As always, Corvidae /corvidaeinc for everything! Thanks to PLE Computers, Sennheiser and Blackchrome!