It only seemed right to expand in to Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. After all, Corvidae were the first Australian organisation to support this new type of game in the form of H1Z1. PUBG and the esports community that surrounds it is moving at such a rapid rate and growing extremely fast. Worldwide, it has been shown support by ESL, which can only mean big things for the games esport future. Hopefully, this extends to Australia and New Zealand in the near future.

PUBG has always been on Corvidae’s radar – quite hard not to be with how massive the player base is and all the hype around it – Corvidae took some time to sit back and watch the progression with it, opposed to what we did with H1Z1. Thankfully, the community has done a lot for the progression of competitions and tournaments which fast-tracked the murder getting involved.

We met at PAX after Tainted Minds player, Joshie, introduced us. I told them on the spot, sign with me right now, without even speaking to the boys or knowing much about them besides what Joshie had told me. We caught up a few times over the weekend and managed to sit down for a few beers and get talking. Turns out we all got along incredibly well and had very similar thoughts on what would be best for the teams progression both in and out of game. It was a perfect match up for our brand.Nathan ‘Dabura’ Joseph

Coming on board is a very capable and skilled group of individuals, with a few well-known names. Previously known as Arcance, the team placed 3rd in CyberGamer Squads FPP Season 1.


I have been sussing out orgs for some time now , and after meeting Nathan at PAX and spending some time with him and him throwing a offer at us it was a no brainer! It’s not just what a org can offer, to me its more then that, it’s family. To get along with him so easily was my deciding factor. – PeakN_

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