Murder Siege

Please welcome the newest team to join the murder!


The team first formed under the name Maelstrom offering some of the best players that the competitive siege scene has to offer. Made as a result of merging the two former best teams EH and Royal to form a super team with an all-star lineup. All the players have either been on undefeated lineups or top 2 lineups for the last 2 season straight.




Corvidae Manager, Katavace, had a stint in the competitive community of Siege and seen great promise. Since then, we have been keeping a close eye on the game and have seen a lot of growth and backing from both the public and tournament organisers. It became a no-brainer, we had to get involved!


Being the first team signed by a serious and legit organisation is a big step in the right direction for the Siege PC community. Hopefully this will spark an interest in more players and more organisations to get involved. – Rock


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